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23 nov 2022 om 21:12 pizze are very small. expensive
17 nov 2022 om 20:45 Order stands as delivered but after 2+ hours I never received my food. Not possible to reach thuisbezorgd or the restaurant. Extremely bad service. Too bad since I really wanted to try it out.
16 nov 2022 om 20:23 Great food! Amazing services!
13 okt 2022 om 22:00 The pizza is really good but it took almost 2 hours to be delivered.
16 jul 2022 om 13:49 One of the best pizza's in Amsterdam! Delivery takes a bit of time but is surely worth the wait.
19 jun 2022 om 23:34 Het duurde allemaal iets langer dan verwacht. Verder vond ik de extra groente en de extra artisjok wat mager voor de meerprijs van 2 euro per item.
13 jun 2022 om 9:49 Pizza smaakt alsof ik in Italie ben bij mijn famigla
3 mei 2022 om 19:36 Breaks my heart to not give 5 stars to my favourite pizza place, but what happened to the vegetables tonight? My pizza seemed to be topped with pre-chopped veggies from the supermarket which was not a great look or taste.
21 apr 2022 om 20:44 koud en slap , geen pizza model , kortom ruk!
19 apr 2022 om 20:13 Pizza was een slappe bende.
4 apr 2022 om 19:10 Quick pickup, sauce was too sour though and the dough could have been better in texture and taste. Definitely better than most pizzas in AMS, but I've had better neapolitan pizza.
1 mrt 2022 om 16:35 Nice and warm pizza, but a bit too burned on the crust. One of the best pizza for sure! Driver did a great job with the delivery, pizzas were in a perfect state. Well done